About :

MentorDru, also known as Drew Young, is a native of Athens,Ga, where he was born and raised. He spent most of his early-life spreading positivity, encouraging the youth around his age, as well as those younger than him. Drew was heavily influenced by his mentor, Rashaad Bettis, and his high-school graduation coach, Darnell Shelton. These two individuals have played an intricate role in Drew becoming a mentor himself. MentorDru has been a licensed mentor for the Clarke County School District since 2019. MentorDru’s ultimate objective is to expand his organization to even more youth in his community, as well as surrounding counties.


The Journey

Behind MentorDru

How did I begin ? -

It was early in my life that I began showing interest in bettering the community through influencing the actions of people around me. Early on I noticed the passion & love I had for people in my community. In particular I wanted to make a difference in the lives of the younger generation. Even though I was young and yet to experience much about guiding others, I still felt that I needed to help the young people around me. So, I started my mentoring journey in 2019, where I was certified through the Clarke County Mentor Program. That gave me the opportunity to gain my first two mentees at Cedar Shoals High School. Within a year of mentoring there, I was invited by a school project teacher at Woodland High School. At the time, the school was doing a project called "Each One, Teach One" and that gave me the challenge and drive to mentor more students from the area. Each school was an hour away from each other, but I loved what I was doing and the drive was worth it. Now that I've had the opportunity and experience to mentor in both schools. I want to extend my services to people beyond my reach.